only the strong will survive.....




Peter Colliver Memorial Chop

1st      Daniel Beams

2nd     Karl Bischoff

3rd      Dale Beams 

4th      George Williams

5th      Brian Bartow

6th      Stirling Hart


World Championship Chair Carve

1st      Sam Richards



World Championship Relay Race

1st      Laurence O’Toole, Ben Lefler, Janet Walker

2nd     Stirling Hart, Leo Coudrau, Danielle Tkach

3rd      Matt Slingerland, Julian Welp, Stephanie Naud

4th      Jesse Whitehead, Kevin Steward, Katelan Steward

5th      Mitch Hewitt, Allan Knapp, Anita Jakowski

6th      Daniel Clissold, Karl Bischoff, Andrea Hand


Ladies Single Buck

1st      Stephanie Naud

2nd     Allison Briscoe

3rd      Amanda Beams

4th      Erin Lavoie


Ladies Underhand

1st      Erin Lavoie

2nd     Amanda Beams

3rd      Stephanie Naud

4th      Katelan Steward


Kids Axe Throw

1st      Ryo Holmgren

2nd     Nathan Gruntman

3rd      Jake Hewitt


Kids Choker Race

1st      Matti Logor

2nd     Nathan Gruntman

3rd      Jake Hewitt


Kids Underhand Chop

1st      Jake Hewitt

2nd     Breaden Coburn

3rd      Pearson Coburn




Novice Tree Climb Canadian Championship

1st      Koen Martens

2nd     Julian Welp

3rd      Allan Knapp

4th      Tyler Brady


Novice Axe Throw Canadian Championship

1st      Nick Hall

2nd     Tyler Brady

3rd      Thomas Symons

4th      Daniel Clissold


Novice Obstacle Pole

1st      Jeff Coburn

2nd     Leo Coudrau

3rd      Tyler Brady

4th      Erin Lavoie


Novice Underhand Chop Canadian Championship

1st      George Williams

2nd     Tyler Brady

3rd      Jeff Coburn

4th      Thomas Symons


Novice Husky Challenge

1st      Jeff Coburn

2nd     Anita Jakowski

3rd      Michelle Lefler

4th      Lars Hobenshield


Novice Standing Block Chop Canadian Championship

1st      Ben Lefler

2nd     Tyler Brady

3rd      Jeff Coburn

4th      Julian Welp


Intermediate Standing Block Chop Canadian Championship

1st      Leo Coudrau

2nd     Nick Hall

3rd      George Williams

4th      Brent Saniger

5th      Troy Lambert


Intermediate Underhand Chop

1st      Leo Coudrau

2nd     Ben Lefler

3rd      Brent Saniger

4th      Dennis Yarjay

5th      Julian Welp

Intermediate Chokerman’s Race Canadian Championship

1st      Allan Knapp

2nd     Nick Hall

3rd      Tyler Brady

4th      Kevin Cote

5th      Jeff Coburn


Intermediate Double Buck Canadian Championship

1st      Brett Marquis and Jeff Coburn

2nd     Zachary Riley and Lars Hobenshield

3rd      Tryler Brady and Allan Knapp

4th      Rick Perry and Sheila Sitter


Intermediate Springboard

1st      Leo Coudrau

2nd     Koen Martens

3rd      Tyler Brady

4th      George Williams


Ladies Axe Throw

1st      Allison Briscoe

2nd     Marie Beck

3rd      Andrea Hand        

4th      Janet Walker


Ladies Chokerman’s Race

1st      Erin Lavoie

2nd     Marie Beck

3rd      Ketelan Steward

4th      Danielle Tkach


2 Man Springboard World Championship

1st      Mitchell Hewitt and Jesse Whitehead

2nd     Laurence O’Toole and Jason Lentz

3rd      Matt Slingerland and Gerald Youles

4th      Daniel Clissold and Koen Martens

5th      Marcel Dupuis and George Williams

6th      Stirling Hart and Leo Coudrau


Sportsman of the Day Thomas Symons

Novice All Around Jeff Coburn

Intermediate All Around Leo Coudrau




Open Axe Throw World Championship

1st      Mike Slingerland

2nd     Dennis Cahoon

3rd      Mitchell Hewitt

4th      Brent Saniger


Open Underhand Chop Canadian Championship

1st      Laurence O’Toole

2nd     Mitchell Hewitt

3rd      Dale Beams

4th      Jesse Whitehead


Open Obstacle Pole

1st      Stirling Hart

2nd     Mitchell Hewitt

3rd      Jesse Whitehead

4th      Brian Bartow

5th      Dave McLeod


Open Springboard 4 Boards Canadian Championship

1st      Mitchell Hewitt

2nd     Jesse Whitehead

3rd      Laurence O’Toole

4th      Stirling Hart

5th      Dale Beams

6th      Marcel Dupuis


Open Double Buck Canadian Championship

1st      Matt Slingerland and Matt Slingerland

2nd     Daniel Beams and Jesse Whitehead

3rd      Laurence O’Toole and Jason Lentz

4th      George Williams and Marcel Dupuis

5th      Roger Briscoe and Dave MacLeod

6th      Ben Lefler and Gerald Youles


Open Single Buck

1st      Matt Slingerland

2nd     Stirling Hart

3rd      Mike Slingerland

4th      Jason Lentz

5th      Daniel Beams


Open Chokerman’s Race

1st      Jesse Whitehead

2nd     Brian Bartow

3rd      Dave MacLeod

4th      Marcel Dupuis



Open Jack and Jill

1st      Mike Slingerland and Joseanne Naud

2nd     Jason Lentz and Erin Lavoie

3rd      Daniel Beams and Amanda Beams

4th      Laurence O’Toole and Janet Walker

5th      Marcel Dupuis and Allison Briscoe

6th      Brad Laughlin and Sarah Mooney


Open 100CC PNE Cut Canadian Championship

1st      Jason Lentz

2nd     Karl Bischoff

3rd      Laurence O’Toole

4th      Mitchell Hewitt

5th      Dennis Cahoon

6th      Stirling Hart


Open Hot Saw World Championship

1st      Laurence O’Toole

2nd     Jason Lentz

3rd      Matt Slingerland

4th      Stirling Hart

5th      Karl Bischoff

6th      Dennis Cahoon


Open Husky Challenge Canadian Championship

1st      Nick Hall

2nd     Daniel Clissold

3rd      Jesse Whitehead

4th      Dave MacLeod

5th      Dennis Cahoon

6th      Mitchell Hewitt


Open Standing Block Chop

1st      Laurence O’Toole

2nd     Jason Lentz

3rd      Stirling Hart

4th      Dale Beams

5th      Jesse Whitehead

6th      Matt Slingerland


Jill and Jill Canadian Championship

1st      Janet Walker and Erin Lavoie

2nd     Anita Jezowski and Allison Briscoe

3rd      Sarah Mooney and Michelle Lefler

4th      Katelan Steward and Danielle Tkach

5th      Sharman Prior and Marie-Eve Leclere


Open All Around Logger of the Day Laurence O’Toole

Ladies All Around Erin Lavoie

Sportsman of the Day Mike Slingerland


Friday July 15th

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Sunday July 17th