Pro-Trump legal group accuses Amazon of racial discrimination

The pro-Trump group America First Legal launched a class action suit against Amazon on Wednesday, claiming the corporation is engaging in racist business practices by treating Black, Indian and Latino employees better than the company’s White and Asian workers.

In a 5-page complaint filed in the Eastern District of Texas, America First Legal argued the tech giant is paying Black, Latino and Indian “delivery service partners” a $10,000 bonus but not offering the same to White or Asian American delivery partners.

The legal group is representing a White Texas woman, who is bringing the action on behalf of others who do not qualify for the bonus.

Amazon launched its Diversity Grant program to help minority entrepreneurs, according to the complaint, but the pro-Trump conservative legal group claims that move runs afoul of the Civil Rights Act, treating certain classes of workers differently based on race.

The lawsuit also claims Amazon treats Black workers more favorably with its “Black Business Accelerator” program.

A spokesperson from Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Stephen Miller, president of America First Legal, said Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, is engaging in business practices that treat people differently “based solely on the skin color.”

“Amazon planned, orchestrated, and implemented its explicit system of racial preferences and exclusions that tears at the very fabric of our civilization, for ours is a nation built on the precipice of equal rights, equal justice and full equality under the law. But Amazon has decided it is exempt from these legal and moral mandates: they are grievously mistaken. AFL will do all it can to ensure Amazon is judged harshly by our courts,” Mr. Miller said. 





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