David Hogg scoffs at Elon Musk’s blue-check Twitter fee

David Hogg thinks people use Twitter because of certified “blue check” users such as himself.

The gun-control advocate and liberal activist denounced a plan floated by new owner Elon Musk that would require prominent users to pay to have their accounts certified, saying it should go the other way — that people like himself should be paid.

“Verified people are a major reason why many people are on twitter in the first place. If anything they should be paying us. Verified accounts bring people to twitter and help with ad revenue,” he said.

“Many other social platforms pay content makers,” Mr. Hogg said.

“Twitter is one of the few that doesn’t,” he said, claiming that this is in part because Twitter isn’t as good a platform as Instagram for posting about one’s daily life.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw just shook his head and sighed.

“Imagine being this entitled while producing nothing of value for society,” the Texas Republican wrote on Twitter in reply.





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