Duolingo launches math version of language app

The popular language learning app Duolingo is expanding into math.

The new app, dubbed Duolingo Math, will work like the company’s flagship app but will focus on basic to advanced math education. The app will include similar notifications from the company mascot, Duo, which has been redesigned to fit the more math-centric aesthetic.

Users can choose from an elementary-level math program or a more adult-focused program called “Brain Training.” The adult version is focused on developing quick mental math skills for everyday activities as opposed to subjects such as algebra and long division.

The company said that the app originally was going to focus only on early math, but its priorities shifted during testing.

“We’ve noticed in our metrics, that brain training is slowly starting to creep up over elementary, but I think it’s still a little too early to tell exactly where those trends are going to go,” Chief Duolingo Engineer Sammi Siegel told Techcrunch.

Duolingo co-founder and CEO Luis Von Ahn has said before that he originally wanted Duolingo to be a math-focused app before focusing on language learning.

Duolingo Math, which is free to use, is available on iOS.





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